As a preliminary step to obtaining a college scholarship, All-American organizes trips to American universities. This previous experience can be very useful in the university selection process for the student-athlete, since it gives him/her a first-hand look at the day-to-day life of a university.

The program organizes visits to different universities for one or two weeks, taking the opportunity to meet the coaches, visit the campuses and their facilities, as well as to obtain the necessary information for the admission process; academic requirements, exams, athletic level, economic considerations, etc. It is the best way for the student-player to know each and every detail of the universities visited and, once he/she has all the information, he/she can make the best decision possible.

All-American organizes everything, from obtaining visas and travel tickets to tryouts, meetings and different tours through the universities to make the trip as worthwhile as possible. It is a fully customizable program in terms of dates and states to visit.